'Survivor: One World' Season Premiere Recap Gender Battles Commence!

This year, Survivor is called One World, as the new angle this season, is that everyone will be sharing the same beach.  This beach is on a remote Polynesian Island, and we watch the contestants being rolled in on an old stake-bed truck.  This year, the group will be two tribes, but again, on the same beach.  This should be interesting.

Jeff Probst calls out Kourtney, a girl with a doofy hat... and he then picks out Colt, asking if he feels like he fits in.  But then we find out there's a guy named Tarzan, and another named Troyzan.  Wow, the odds.  Or not.

Then Jeff gives everyone 60 seconds to strip the truck of things they might need.  The guys were pretty blatant in stealing some of the stuff from the women's pile.  The Banker, Michael, was the nasty thief.  (People, if you do business with his bank, tread CAREFULLY!  He had no issue stealing!!!  LOL)

After all was said and done, Jeff sent them on two different paths to their "camps."  After all the travels, everyone met at the same beach.  They spotted chickens, but the girls had the edge there with a country girl on their side and snagged two of them.

The girls wanted to make a deal with the stuff the guys stole from them, but Matt, the lawyer said to the interview cam, that they would accept a chicken and an apology...  Not sure where he pulled that logic out of.

Reminded me of a time a roommate stole a poster of mine.  When I called him on it, he wanted to have a card game to see who gets my poster.  LOL.

Colton called it... Matt is very arrogant.

Boy, CBS definitely stacked the guys and gals side with some serious eye-candy.

The first half-hour it was pretty interesting to see how the genders were being rather atypical.

As the episode progressed, the guys were pretty quick to get a fire going for themselves.  Then it happened... late at night, the girls tried to steal a fire ember from the guys.  But they failed in keeping it going.

In the first challenge, Kourtney did what Jeff was yelling and warning everyone about, and that's not land on your hands.  She ended up landing on her wrist and hurt her arm and the game was stopped for the medical emergency and Kourtney was removed for an x-ray.  Technically, it's the guys game to win because a team has to finish with the same number of players they started with.

Jeff gave the guys a chance to either claim the technical victory and send the girls to tribal council, or choose to continue the game.

The guys took the victory.  The girls were headed to tribal council.  And it got ugly as they called each other out and snipped and snapped at each other.  Oh teh persnickety moods!

It turned out that Kourtney's wrist was broken in a few places, requiring surgery and is out of the game.  But because Kourtney is out, no one went home tonight.


But wow, the ladies are not together on anything.  For that matter, the guys aren't that all-together either... but they seem more together enough than the ladies.

Survivor: One World should be an interesting season.  if the girls get it together, I think they can really give the guys a run for their money.  If the challenges use more the brain than the brawn, the guys are doomed.

Unless there are more Survivor twists down the road.


Photos: Monty Brinton/CBS© 2011 CBS Broadcasting Inc.