Syfy Preview Clips: "Merlin," "Lost Girl," & "Being Human"

Below are a few preview clips from some of Syfy channel's more popular scripted series!  Check it out:

In a Sneak Peek from this week’s episode of Merlin, Morgana has kidnapped Gaius because she believes he knows the whereabouts of Emerus.  When Merlin goes searching to find Gaius, Morgana corners him in the cave and threatens to kill him.  Little does she know that she already has Emerus trapped. 

Merlin – Airs - Friday, February 17th @ 10/9c

‘The Secret Sharer’ 


In a clip from next week’s all-new episode of Being Human, Josh is in the midst of making dinner when two cops burst into the kitchen yelling at him to put his hands up.  Taken by surprise, Josh is handcuffed while the cops tell him that they have found his “stack of dead”.

Being Human – Airs – Monday, February 20th @ 9/8c

‘Mama Said There’d Be Decades Like This’ – Sneak Peek


Next week’s episode of Lost Girl sees Bo and Lauren searching for a cure for a disease that’s killing Kenzi.  In this sneak peek, Bo uses her powers to subdue a security guard and even manages not to suck all the life out of him.  However, while she is congratulating herself on not killing the man, he regains enough strength to stand up and point a gun at her.  Will she have to resort to killing another person to save Kenzi?  Find out next Monday at 10/9c.

Lost Girl – Airs – Monday, February 20th @ 10/9c

‘Food for Thought’ – Sneak Peek