The Walking Dead Season 2.5 Premiere - Reflections

The mid-season return of The Walking Dead started out with the emotional devastation from finding Sophia in the barn and having to kill her zombie form.  Now the fallout from everything presents itself.

I'm fascinated by the two dichotomies of character:  Dale, who took it upon himself to hide the guns from the group because it's what he thought was best.

And then there's Shane, who snapped and took control by ambushing Dale and taking the guns from him by force, then assaulting the farm's collected herd of zombies and forcing the situation between the group and Hershel.

As far as I'm concerned, both men performed their own form of brash acts that took no one else into consideration except their own views and opinions.

But Shane's act divided the group... thinking his act was right or not.  In a zombie apocalypse, what is right or wrong?

The new blood they run into down in town just didn't feel right as they met and the conversation developed.  But as we saw, Rick had to deal with them the only way trouble can be dealt with, old west style.

We're seeing many confused perspectives.  Lines in the sand to be drawn, or chosen.  It seems, it will come down to who will stick with "family" or the group they started out with.  Me, I'm hoping that maybe Glenn sticks with his girl, Maggie.  Love is hard enough to find in the day-to-day world, never mind a land overrun by zombies.


SPOILERS and After-Thoughts

This mid-season return/premiere of The Walking Dead is a time of change for our characters.  From the new pace of things to come (AKA, the final moments) to Lori going off on her own and doing the Joey Chipwood thing with her car... and no one knows yet.

I've not read the comic series, so I've no clue what's coming, but I also have to wonder what is coming.  Will Hershel be OK or send everyone on their way?  Wouldn't blame them.

Plus, I sort of get the premise that with Jon Bernthal, who plays Shane, landing a new role of a production that will start up soon, (Bernthal lands a role in L.A. Noir) that I'm guessing he's not long for this series. 

Regardless, the series is charging forward and is just as excellent has it started out being in the beginning of this season!  Word on the street that tonight's episode closer is the opening of his "Inglourious Basterds."

And the amping up of the action, is the mark of Darabont's replacement showrunner, Glen Mazzara.


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