'The Avengers' Movie Totally Spoiled By Egotistical People

I live on the fence.  There are days I don't want to know about a TV or movie project and there are days that I have to know.  I used to not want to know anything about a movie so it can hit me totally fresh.  But now, that pleasure has been taken from me for Joss Whedon's movie, The Avengers, because

A:  Some studio employee butt-wipe scanned pages of a Movie Storybook &

B:  I couldn't help not look.  Damnit.  (I'm weak.)

The post went up on ComicBookMovie and it spread like wildfire for the short amount of time it was up.  Since then, Disney/Marvel stepped up and had them remove all the images because to be honest, it cut to the quick of some fantastic twists I didn't even suspect from the movie.  But alas, I now know a little bit more than I did this morning when I woke up.

Like that trailer scene where Thor is coming down hard on Captain America with his hammer... now I know what haps to poor caps.

Or that other scene where Thor is riding the Avengers Quinjet?   Now I know why?

And various other scenes... some cool, some we already saw in trailers.

I'm always amazed (or not) when individuals violate the trust put in them by their employees and do things like this.  I don't get the lack of honor people carry themselves with.  When one is trusted, one should behave as such.

Then there are the websites that take every single image of a site and put it on their own site.  I don't do that either... if you've been following me for any amount of time, you know I might put up one or two pics of an amazing set and direct you to the source that worked hard to get them or put them.  So too goes the path of these stills from The Avengers.  Though CBM had to pull the scanned images, they're still out there.  (CBM put a "nice" image in the place of the other images... )

On the other hand, this slight bit of underhanded marketing did do one thing for me, and that is, it does look like what little I did see, The Avengers will simply be awesome!!


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