'The Hunger Games' Newest Teaser Clip & A Soundtrack Piece

The following new clip from The Hunger Games takes place in the part of the story where the tributes are being primed for their reality TV death match and they get tested for their skills.

These tests will show the game keepers what talents and tools the tributes could use nest.  The tributes would then find themselves certain gifts out in the field of battle that would benefit them, if they can get to them.

Here, Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) is demonstrating her best talent... but the powers that be seem more interested in their free food gathering than what Katniss has to demonstrate.

Since the game masters knowing what her best skill is, is a very important aspect of the game, Katniss takes it upon herself to make sure they understand and are watching.

Hence, the following clip

[YT: The Hunger Games movie clip]


Also from Capitol TV, one of the songs you will find on The Hunger Games soundtrack, "One Engine" from The Decemberists.

[youtube soundtrack clip]

The Hunger Games comes to theaters March 23rd, 2012.