'NCIS' Star Sean Murray Does Not Look Sick Today

For longtime fans of Sean Murray, he went through a physical transformation in early 2011 that took them by surprise.  But despite concerns, he may not be as sick as some fans think he is.  Read on and find out why I now think that.

Sean Murray, the stepson of Donald Bellisario, stars alongside Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette & David McCallum, and portrays NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee.  He's been with the show for almost the entirety of its run, when he first appeared in November of 2003.  The first episode of NCIS aired September of '03.

Back in early 2011 I had taken note of what looked like a huge physical change in Sean Murray's appearance.  It created questions within me and I became concerned for his health.  Later I discovered, via his Twitter account, he addressed his appearance change, saying he had lost 25 pounds through a lifestyle change. 

That lifestyle change included having abstained from alcohol, started eating organic food and is now avoiding most sugars.

(FootnoteAlec Baldwin discovered he was pre-diabetic and recently lost 30 pounds in only 4 months by backing off from most sugars.)

Sean Murray pointed out that there was no sudden loss of weight and that if you watched closely, you can see his weight come off, 1 pound at a time in each episode of season 7 of NCIS.

For longtime fans, his appearance went from that boyish, round-faced look he had carried for several years to a more gaunt appearing Timothy McGee.  For the fans, it was a big change. And the more concerned fans are chiming in around the net.  Some with worry and others with less constructive observations.

But I'm not sure we've stepped back and taken a long, neutral look at Sean.

Does Sean Murray Really Look Sick?

I took a long break from watching NCIS and recently jumped back into watching the show, via Video on Demand.  And you know what?  Sean does not stand out as looking like a sick human.  Seriously.  Having forgotten about the issues and just watching the show, he looks, acts and sounds fine.  He didn't set off any bells that said, wow, this human is sick and dragging his beleaguered frame to work every day.

I think we, as fans, got worried, then started nit-picking every little detail.  Instead of rolling with the punches of an individual changing and improving themselves through their dietary lifestyle, we freaked and are labeling every little nuance as something terrible.  We, the fans, need to stop that.

Sure, he looks thinner and sounds a little different than he used to, but for all intent purposes, he seems fine.  Maybe his second child, River, who came along in mid-2010, is wearing him down.  Maybe Mrs. Murray said, dude, chip in this time!!!  Either way, until we hear anything to the contrary, I think we should stop worrying and start enjoying Sean Murray's work on NCIS once again.


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