Preview Clip for Syfy's 'Face Off' Mar 7th Episode

As the weeks wear on in the Syfy reality TV competition called Face Off, our EFX artists are getting eliminated, one by one.  Yet I can't help but be surprised every now and then when the contestants do good work and come into a new week and do some bone-headed concoction that even I could make better.  OK, maybe not better, cause they're all pretty good at what they do, but it's obvious in each episode, who's dusted the competition and who is probably going home.

With that said, this week’s Face Off has the contestants face a prehistoric challenge as they have to create a human-dinosaur hybrid.

Plus Cleve Hall of Monster Man makes a guest appearance as this week's guest judge for the double elimination week

Face Off airs new eps on Wednesdays 10/9c.

Here's a preview clip of the March 7th episode of Syfy's Face Off: