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How many seasons are we getting of Game of Thrones, what golden gig did the Top Gear team end up getting and a wee bit of a perspective micro-review on HBOs True Detective.


eight plus seasons of Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones

HBO is eyeballing a potential eight-season run with Game of Thrones, though the chief exec of HBO is actually hoping for a ten-year run, minimum.

To milk out that potential ten-year run, the network is not adverse to developing a prequel of sorts to the present running story.

Martin is going to be busy!

[imdb GoT news]

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Jon Snow

Speaking of Jon Snow, HBO programming president Michael Lombardo touched on the character's apparent demise and the fan desire that he rise from the apparent dead.

Lombardo said

Dead is dead is dead. He be dead. Everything I’ve seen, heard and read, [the character in question] is indeed dead.

So his appearing on set a few weeks ago was probably to shoot some funeral scenes for that dead guy. Then again, how many genre shows do we know where people die and it only seems to be a temporary status, like a bad flu?

Fans have seen his eye turn purple in his death scene, folks who have read the books say that... hmm, that's a spoiler. Then there's that witch who could raise him, who just happens to be at the castle where he was skewered like a pack of marshmallows. Then there's his Dire Wolf and this, that and the other thing. Arg. But is is fun to conject, that's for sure.

[SHH: Snow is dead]

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Top Gear Team WINS!

So much for getting dumped by the BBC.

Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond have been picked up to host a new automotive series that will premiere sometime in 2016 on Amazon Prime.

They did have a non-compete contract, but that contract did not seem to anticipate an American streaming content provider.

I'm betting entertainment lawyers everywhere are scrambling to check on that aspect of any present and past non-compete clauses right now and...  there they are, the head smacks. I can hear them now.


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Vince Vaughn is flawless in True Detective

True Detective

For some reason people are bashing on the second season of True Detective on HBO. I don't know why. The show is dark, has some incredibly flawed hero characters, while keeping a fascinating story line going. Albeit, the story line is a slow burn, and yet, there seems to be some dissent.

HBO is "hoping" for a third season. And that phrase confuses me, considering, would they not be the ones to renew it?

Anyway, if you like messed up, flawed good guys, this is DEFINITELY the show for you. Cripes!

Vince Vaughn is delivering an incredible crime boss, Colin Farrell is delivering one hell of a distraught "family" guy, and Taylor Kitsch is just been messed up from birth and is annoying as all hell, in a good, entertaining way. Talk about good guys on the take, effed up personally, and still managing to do their horribly flawed jobs is an understatement!


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