'The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead: Judge, Jury, Executioner' Recap

Did you see that coming or what for this episode of The Walking Dead, titled "Judge, Jury, Executioner?" (SPOILERS AHEAD)


Last night I tuned in and expected what was set up for last night, which was to watch the group argue about what to do about the P.O.W.. (Whom, by the way, despite his words, I don't trust as far as I could throw him.  His words come out too smooth...  )

Between Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Shane (Jon Bernthal) having their differences, they at least came together on the issue of not letting their P.O.W. leave the farm.  It is too much of a risk.

Of course the episode opened to Daryl (Norman Reedus) "asking" their guest Randall what his camp's numbers are, what they're doing, etc..  Every now and then we need to be reminded exactly what Daryl is capable of... and that's doing what has to be done.  Period.  This makes Daryl the perfect man for this zombie infested world!

While all this is going on, the young Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) is starting to hit his rebel teen years way too early.

He's getting snapped at by adults for speaking his mind, so then he takes a walk.  While walking around to kill time, he finds a walker and plays with it.  Had he left the walker alone, it would have been content to just stand there, stuck in the mud.  But Carl had to tease and torment it... giving it a goal, and it manages to break free of the  mud.

All the while, Carl had taken a gun from Daryl's motorcycle side bag, and dropped it out in the woods near where he found his walker buddy.

I can't wait to see when the missing gun comes into play... and you know it will be at the worse possible time for Daryl.  I'm not liking what this might portend, if anything.


Mean while, back at the farm, Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) keeps badgering the group to talk about what they're about to do.

His heart is in the right place, but it's not in the right situation.  Civil rights are all fine and dandy when there isn't a zombie invasion going on, but if there's anything I learned, the moment any form of anarchy takes place, people revert to the basic form of the strong take, steal and plunder what they want.

It's natural progression!  Look how this country was "developed."


Dale realizes he's up against the group and he gave it his best shot, but no one wants to take the chance to of letting Randall, their "guest" or P.O.W., as I keep calling him, go.

But as we see, despite knowing what's needed, Rick can't pull the trigger, literally.  I get that too.

Mean while, Dale is investigating a strange sound, which turns out to be a wounded cow, and while he's distracted by it, Carl's zombie walker who apparently made his ambling way to the farm, attacks Dale.

No can get to him in time and the walker manages to tear up Dale's gut, laying it wide open.

I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING because of other issues I'm aware of! If you want to see why I didn't see Dale's demise, check out this piece on my spoiler site...

It's too late for Dale.  The walker opened him up and infected him.

The group comes to Dale's rescue, but Dale's injury makes it moot.  And even though they know what they have to do, Rick again, can't pull the trigger.

It's up to Daryl to step up with a "Sorry brother" and a bang.  (Norman had the perfect training for this in the Boondock Saints franchise!)

And young Carl sees the walker and realizes this is his fault and now carries around his own personal emotional burden, like his father and step-father Shane.  Like fathers, like son!

And that's what happened in "Judge , Jury, Executioner" on The Walking Dead!  WOW!

And now there are only two episodes of The Walking Dead left to go on AMC TV.