Weekend Top-10 Box Office Movies, 'The Lorax' Animates the No. 1 Spot

This weekend, I thought that The Lorax would at least take over the moniker of the no. 1 family film in America.  I did not see it coming that The Lorax would set the record and be the 6th best ever opening for an animated movie!  But alas, it did.

Families flocked to the theater and boosted the movie to an estimated $70M opening, powered by the voice talent of Danny DeVito, Ed Helms, Zac Efron, Taylor Swift and more.

Way down the totem pole of money, the No. 2 movie from the weekend was the new movie premiering this weekend, Project X, pulling in just under $21M at the box office.

Act of Valor made a strong 2nd week showing, if only by being the third most attended movie at the box office this weekend.  Our Navy SEALS pulled in just under $14M this weekend.

Check out the top-10 movies from the weekend...

Title   Weekend    Gross
Dr. Seuss' The Lorax  $70.7M  $70.7M
Project X  $20.8M  $20.8M
Act of Valor  $13.7M  $45.2M
Safe House  $7.21M  $108M
Good Deeds  $7M  $25.7M
Journey 2 $6.92M  $85.6M
The Vow  $6.1M  $112M
This Means War  $5.62M  $41.5M
Ghost Rider 2 $4.7M  $44.9M
The Artist  $3.9M  $37.1M