Will We See Wolverine and Magneto in 'The Avengers?' Doubtful, But...

Empire Magazine showed images of the new Lego figures coming out under The Avengers movie line.

The toys showing Loki trapped, SHIELD gear and our favorite heroes in Lego form are truly rather captivating.  Iron Man fans will probably love the new, boxy look.

But if you look carefully, you might take note that a few of the Lego figures look like X-Men... notable Wolverine, Deadpool and Magneto.

Now that would be pretty neat... 

But as Empire suggests, it's probably not going to happen and this is only a chance to release these particular new figurines along with The Avengers.  It's akin to when you see the fantasy pieces of characters from a movie get released.  Remember how many new configurations came out for Iron Man that never showed up in the movie?  Something along those lines is what I'm thinking... that and an excuse to test or check some buzz.

But that did get my head buzzing and wondering and thinking, that would be neat!  Check out the source link below for more Lego Avenger looks...