And Dan Pulls Off a HUGE Big Brother Move in the House 8-29

I tuned into Big Brother and that political thingy was on, with this guy saying "we can do it" over and over and over, as if they can effect change on the momentum of the present economy like its magic.

Big Brother started about 8 minutes late, with the usual recap, splash intro of the show, and then, they recapped some of the same stuff again.  Dudes, I remember what you just showed me!

So Dan and Denielle are nominated.  Danielle sounds nasally while she goes on about being up against Dan.  Ian has that 2nd veto.  Six people will be playing for tonight's veto competition.  Dan, Danielle, Shane, Britney, Jenn, & Frank.

The veto game is called 'Draw Something.'  Contestants must ID a word while something being drawn is on the screen.  It's like Pictionary.  Except, winning the round gets the player a stupid stunt they have to perform.

Dan pulls out an answer and pisses off Britney, because he's going against something he told her.

She seems to have discovered that Dan is selfish.  Duh.

Then Frank completely blows it by getting himself DQ'd.  Wow.  So much for Mr. Unstoppable.  He had this.

Then Jenn comes out of nowhere, takes a risk or surprise move and wins Big Brother's Power of Veto competition.  She seems to be siding with Frank.

Dan won a 24-hr solitary confinement.  He sees it as 24 hours to think, but (live thought here) I'm thinking it's 24 hours for other things to develop outside his little room of confinement.  We'll see.

Everyone pays their dues from winning the Veto challenge and when Dan gets released, he's pretty aloof.  Dan announces he wants a "house" meeting.  His Big Brother funeral and he butters up the gang.  Each and every one of them.  He starts to "cry."  (Was this what he came up with in the room?)  He tells Danielle, she's dead to him in the game.

She was incredibly upset.

Dan has a one-on-one with Frank, telling him everything.  (This is Dan's plan to stay)  He suggests to get Britney out of the house.

And I swear, they just formed an alliance.  Dan then catches up to Danielle to tell her it was an act and that the house's sympathy is with her.  He's asked Frank to ask Jenn to use the veto on him and put Britney up, getting her out of the house.

OK, Dan's stunt, if it works, seems pretty brilliant.

The Veto meeting, Ian does not use the Power of Veto. Jenn, on the other hand, uses it on Dan.  Boo-YA!!!  Ian and Britney looked shocked/horrified.  And Frank tells Britney to "Pop a squat."

Britney is balling her eyes out in the confession room.  Ian says he's now coming for Frank.  You know... the usual reactionary anger from these things, the weekly angst.

And Dan did it.  Brilliance.

This is crazy because even though Frank had no other option, Dan is probably going to go on a screw-fest and take people out left and right in the Big Brother House..