Bachelor Pad... Chris's Ongoing Monologue About Blakeley

Bachelor Pad opens with Blakeley talking s*! about putting the bottom of her shoe on Chris, who turned on her.  Chris is now shocked that his devious stunt didn't work.  But Sarah is all over him, asking what's wrong.


Chris then goes around the house asking people to fess up about the failure of his evil plan.  Then the man who was the evil mastermind (in his own mind) was all up in arms about the plot.  Once the Chris debacle time waster was done, there was a dish balancing contest.  Blakeley felt good about it as she bragged about her 13 years of being a Hooters girl.

The contest began and the breakage commenced.  But Blakeley isn't as tip top at this as we were led to believe.  Sarah almost won, but she got dq'd for using her other hand and finally, Blakeley did win.  Much to Chris's chagrin, since he bailed on her last episode.

Now for the boys, but Blakeley talks Tony through it and he wins.  The pair have roses.

The show just kept showing Chris whining and whining and whining about this being a bad day for him and the show just won't stop showing his sorry face.

Blakeley, since she won the contest, gets a rose to give to someone and she gives it to Kaylan.  (Yes, more Chris wine-age!)  Kaylan chooses Lindzi to go with him on his date.  These two get a pretty glitzy date with a Bentley and jewels.  Kaylan seems different around Lindzi... does he actually like her for real?  The conversation between the two seems to lean towards these two actually having hit it off together.

Blakeley is fully expecting her overnight date to have expensive trimmings to it.  It's an overnight date under the stars.  Instead, they get a jeep and a map.  And the map leads them to an airstream trailer in the middle of the mountains.  She hates camping.  But she and Tony seem to be hitting it off as a couple.  I think she gets past the camping part of it.

The show pans around to all the different couples hitting it off this night.


Later Tony is about to hand out his rose and Chris throws a hail Mary and pulls Tony aside to pitch something.  But Tony gives his rose to Jacklyn.



Ed shoots himself in the foot by stating he isn't there for love and poor Jacklyn, seems hurt.  (Ed's only there for fun)  Is Ed that dense?  Don't answer that.


Bachelor Pad twist...  whatever woman gets voted off, gets to choose any man to take with her out of the house.  This could save Chris for another night of monologues next week.  But now, the house scrambles with this new development.

Skulduggery erupts and everyone had Erica convinced about the evil of Chris, but then Chris takes Erica into the voting room and shows her who he's voting for.  Now Erica is on to the game.

Erica ends up getting voted out and her choice of what man joins her to leave Bachelor Pad is Michael.  Then Erica made a fool of herself with her speech about how bad Michael is.

Cripes... another week of Chris sound bites.