Bachelor Pad Ho-dom... And Everyone Is Smitten with Chris

ABC's Bachelor Pad is a train wreck... my wife watches and I'm in the room. The eye-candy factor is the eye catcher so I watch.  Since I'm watching, you will be suffering with me!  Ha!

Tonight they had one of those honest-answer quiz shows and as usual, it was pretty funny what some of the answers that came out of it were.  Out of everyone, Ed won the game and won the rose to give away.  He later gave that rose to Rachel.

Then there's Chris.  What a tool.  He won't commit to Blakely, he kisses Jamie to shut her up.  And these two end up fighting with each other over Chris.  Chris even hoodwinked Jamie and she thinks that Chris chose Rachel for the date instead of her, to protect her.  LOL.

Meanwhile, Chris took Sarah out on that date to get the other women off his mind.  And THEY ARE ALL so smitten with him...  but Chris refers to Sarah as that car with the new car smell.  He's a real piece of work.

While Chris is breaking off his televised date and using his credit card to get a hotel room with Sarah, Jamie is going on and on how he's the perfect husband material, he's trustworthy, and blah, blah and more blah.  Poor thing.

Chris and Sarah did not return to the house that evening, but rather, show up in the morning.  And I think... I say, I THINK, Jamie finally gets it.  Or is at least questioning what's up.  Maybe she'll get it.

David is the last fan standing, as Chris Harrison put it.  Expectations, as I write this, the house will probably get rid of Dave.  And he already has a vote against him from losing the honesty game.


Then the vote wrangling begins as the fast talking flies.  It's amazing how quickly Jamie changes her vote, depending on who she's talking to.  (She's the swing vote)  And as always, despite the "shock" of the lies, everyone comes back to winning the money.

Of course after all the votes, the two booted out of the house was Jamie and David.  (This meant that Chris was trying to oust Blakely and that didn't happen and now he's all worried.)

On her way out Jamie called out Chris in front of everyone and he played dumb and rude.  (Is anyone shocked?)  It's always amazing how the folk that cause the problems seem to always turn the problems back or out on other people.

David's Limo Exit speech was pretty level headed and appreciative for his experience. Jamie exhibited her shock and awareness of people like Chris.  I almost feel bad for her, but she fell so easy.


Why do most people in The Bachelor Pad think they'll find love in this ho-house?  Sound bites for next week include the usual noise and questioning of their own sanity.