Big Brother Crisco Slide for HoH

The latest Big Brother contest involved sliding back and forth between a giant bucket of fluid and three bowls.  One for HoH, one for $10k, and safety from being nominated.

Different house guests had different tactics/goals.  Ian fell a lot.  Britney won the safety race.  Ian kept falling.  Ashley was going dead slow, but I suspect, to protect her back.  Mike "Boogie" was the only one going for the $10k and snagged it.  But too bad he didn't compete for HoH.  He had the slippery surface down pat and was ice skating the surface.  (Apparently he has a past of ice skating.)

During the contest, Ian estimated a 500-trip process to fill the HoH bowl.  This took a while.

Like with any episode of Big Brother, they capitalized on the huge time filler of this Crisco slide challenge.  It's bad enough we have to relive 5 to 10 minutes of recaps and untold minutes of verbal recaps of things we watch, but hey, it is what it is.

20 minutes in, Shane won the HoH contest.


Boogie had chatted up Ian before the HoH and afterwards, Ian shared with Britney that Boogie may be gunning for her or Shane.  Later, we watched Joe telling some great (tall?) tales.

Ian had the girls use Nair on his "9-inch" pit hairs for his "date" with Ashley.

Then the gang find some plastic balls that lead to an arcade game and the monkeys start playing with it.  There was a box in the middle of this game with a question mark on it.  Some suspect (Ian) Pandora's box.


Ah, time for the nominations... no one ever likes this day and new promises of wrath are always pulled from our contestants.

Shane started the lap around the table and as the final key was removed, we learn that Shane used his power and put up Frank and Boogie!

Shane's reason for nominating these two:  "You have prizes and clues that fade the decision making."  Did I just hear the most confusing reason for nominations ever?  Did I even hear it right?


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