Big Brother for a Sunday, And Frank Keeps On Ticking and Ticking... (8-26)

Big Brother starts out like most eps, with a recap.  Tonight's was pretty lengthy since the last ep was a rapid fire set of events.

Ian said he felt bad voting Boogie out.  Frank's heart is broken that Ian turned on Boogie.  And we go back into more of Frank harking on the house.  But when Ian became HoH for all of five minutes but it was a busy five minutes as everyone dragged Ian into their desperate pleas to nominate Frank and Ahsley and when Frank won the Veto, first thing out of his mouth, "Good decision Ian!"  Referring to Ian's decision to put Frank up instead of back-dooring him later.  We see more of Frank calling everyone out as we watched Ashley getting the boot out of the Big Brother house.

Ian tells Dan he feels like he's going to burn in hell for what he's done.  (Dude, this is the game of Big Brother and you know it!)

And BB blew the first 15 minutes of Sunday night's broadcast.  (Add that to the contestants repeating contest rules for each game, BB fills a lot of the hour with empty developments!)

Frank is still duped into thinking Dan talked Ian into the trick.  He's looking to see if anyone is still sticking with Dan or not.  Danielle breaks down and talks to Frank, but that didn't turn into anything.  Shane is worried about Frank winning HoH and ponders the idea of him and Britney making a deal with Frank.

The Head of Household competition was an interesting game of navigating a ball around an upright puzzle board, head-to-head.  Frank eliminated everyone but Shane...  (Live comment:  Will Shane pull this off or will Shane cut him off at the pass?)

AND FRANK BECOMES THE NEW HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD  and the the kissy-kissy routines begin.  Never mind that everyone was carrying a hatchet for him mere minutes ago.

Frank chooses Dan as the "Have Not" as his first job as HoH.

He then goes for Pandora's Box, and gets himself a bit over $3k.  By opening Pandora's Box, an extra veto gets unleashed into the game.  Then there's a game where the house guests can find some quarters, play that CLAW snagger machine game to get that second veto.

Dan gets his first shot at the box, but doesn't get the ball.  Then tells everyone he got it. But the ruse is up quickly and everyone realizes what Dan is all about.

SUDDENLY, DAN is getting pretty crappy with EVERYONE in the house during this game.  I've never seen him so ugly.  Then again, he's feeling desperate.

IAN Gets the 2nd Veto and Frank gets released from the Pandora room.

Frank tells Ian he'll be putting him up so he knows that Ian will use the 2nd veto on himself.  The game gets tricky now that there's a 2nd veto.  Britney is trying to "talk" Frank into certain premises, which if he listens, could end up leaving the 5-person alliance in the house.  Britney is pretty tricky.

But it looks like Frank fell for it again and trusted Britney and her plan.  (You can see her grinning as the keys go around.)

Frank put up Dan and Daniel for eviction.


Frank's in a tough spot and it seems his days may very well be limited.  No matter what anyone tells him and he chooses to believe, he's doomed unless the alliance collapses for some unknown reason.  And that reason might be Dan and how he started getting during the 2nd Veto contest.