Face Off 8-28 episode, Pirates Ahoy! (w/ preview pics of Next Week)

This is a terse recap of the Face Off episode that aired on Au 28th.  I've caught up on eps!  As the episode starts, we learn that Rod has a wrist brace on because he really over-worked his hand/wrist tendons in the last challenge!  This week's challenge goal is pirates.  And on the line, for winning this challenge, is an extra $5k.

They pick their model molds and go to it.

The different ideas they all have are incredibly imaginative.  One contestant, CC, seems to have an interesting handicap in that she can't draw her ideas.

During the development stage, Rod is having problems breaking his mold out becuase of his wrist issue.  Gulp!  (Live thought:  I would hate to see him go home.  He's truly, I think, one of the more talented and kind persons in this contest.  Last week he helped out a few other folks.)

One of the contestants was having a tough time with her mold (I didn't catch her name, I was downloading ep images and missed it.) but the other contestants came to her aid.  THIS IS A BUNCH OF NICE FOLKS this season!

The usual stresses of day three kick in, last minute adjustments and changes and such.

On to the reveal stage, some looked good, some... not.

Roy's Dagger theme impressed the judges.

CC explained her concept and told she seemed directionless.

Sarah Pirate's Wench was told it was a dynamic form and cool colors.

Jason and his jewels theme and the panel was disappointed.

Laura's concept of shells, was told it had a great feel, head to toe.


The winner of the challenge was Sarah and her oozing pirate wench.

The eliminated player was CC.


Here are two preview pics from the September 4th episode of Face Off: