It's Big Brother and Shane Plays it As Safe as Possible

The show starts as always, with about 5 minutes of recap/filler, reminding us of everything that has ever happened in Big Brother over the last few weeks.  (Cause you know, we can't remember anything).

Last week, Shane nominated Boogie and Frank and a mystery box showed up!  There,  "You have clues that completely fade your decision making."  THAT was Shane's classic reasoning for nominating them.  HUH???

Ian seems to think he's in control of the situation.  He's so cute! (And he just might be!)

Now that they're nominated, Boogie and Frank go talk to Shane, but he has inconsistent answers... or excuses, as Frank put it.

Shane "gave up" Britney, and she's ticked at him.  Now Boogie and Frank are "glaring" at her and grilling her.

It's amazing how vague a player can be, how few players there are, and how the social confusion works.

Shane tells Britney... wait for it...  that he gave her up to them to "protect her."  This guy has gems of fuzzy logic.

Then Frank and Boogie "warn" Ian about Dan, since they think Dan was part of them getting nominated.  Oh the confusion.

And then we get a larger conversation going, with Shane, Frank, Boogie, Britney & Dan.

The Big Brother Veto Competition is a Candy Land themed game.  Woo boy.  I'm gonna get sick.  It turns out to be a estimate/counting game and Frank won the power of Veto... again.

Now Boogie goes to work, but Ian is in his trusted circle while Boogie guns for Dan.

Shane is such a tool of a jellyfish!

Frank pulls himself off the block and Shane ends up putting up ...  Jenn... a floater and a spineless (or safe) call.  I wonder if his decision making was faded?  LOL.

Oooh, the next episode of Big Brother on Thursday will be a double eviction night.  So get ready to be doubly entertained!