The Bachelor Pad, 8-27, Where No One Can Spell

The Bachelor Pad had a huge and challenging contest for immunity tonight... a spelling bee!  It was devastating.  But it was tricky... each couple (they're now competing as couples) had to spell a word, by alternating the letter each one calls out.

After an apparently long spell, the one person no one wanted to to win, did win... Chris and Sarah won, obtaining immunity for the night's elimination ceremony.  They also got an overnight date for their troubles.

The Bachelor Pad swapped back and forth between the date and the miserable house full of players.  We also find out that Sarah thinks Chris is better than sliced bread.


Then the runner ups, Ed and Jaclyn get their own overnight date on what looks like the Channel Islands.  Jaclyn seems to not get the words that are coming out of his mouth, because she really is falling for Ed... but then Ed set the tone for the weekend, Ed tells Jaclyn he's pursuing someone else back home.  But he came to the show single.

For some reason, Ed things because he told Sarah about this, that Jaclyn would know.  Seriously???

At dinner, she tried to sort things out with Ed, because she's not interested in looking like a whore.  He wants to play the middle of the road, feels comforted sleeping in the same bed with her.

ED!  Pick a decision. Make a call. Do something besides nothing.  But then Ms." lacking self respect" kisses him and says they've bonded and she likes waking up next to him.  I guess they're the perfect couple!


Ed and Jaclyn come back to the house and have roses to hand out.  Then the rabid sales pitches begin.  They give them to Blakely and Tony.

Well, Lindzi and Kalon were voted off the island, out of the suite, down to the street and what not!  But they knew there was a potential of this happening.  While the limos were leaving, Kalon had his limo stop, he got out, and got into Lindzi's car.  That was pretty cute.

I hope it wasn't all the social isolation that led these two to fawn all over each other.

But according to multiple sources, they're still together.  Check out this tweeted pic.