The Walking Dead's Scott Wilson - DUI; + New Character Added To Show

Scott Wilson, who played the farm's patriarch Heschel, on the The Walking Dead, was pulled over on August 18th, in Georgia and charged with DUI.

During the road-side process, Wilson had made the suggestion of rather than the standard sobriety test, that mayhaps, they perform yoga poses instead.  Hmm. 

Speaking of The Walking Dead,

Dallas Roberts (The Good Wife, Rubicon) has been tapped to join the cast of the zombie infested AMC hit TV series and will be playing a character not seen in the comics.  The character's name is Milton and Roberts joins Norman Reedus in that distinction of playing characters that are not in the original comic series from Robert Kirkman.

Now that means we have two unpredictable (read as fresh) characters to keep long-time fans on their toes.

I think Reedus rocks as Daryl Dixon.  Mixed about where he wants to stand, having been a loner who now helps provide and gets help from the group on occasion, I love the character.  That and his no-holds barred mouth are what makes me like this character.

Norman Reedus has come a long way from the popular Boondock Saints movies.  That's for sure.  Though at times, I swear he's channeling Murphy MacManus when he takes down zombies.