Big Brother Eviction Night, Eviction Night for Thursday, 9-6

Frank and Joe are now on the block...  and early on in the latest Big Brother episode, it seems that Dan slipped a little while chatting with Frank and almost let out what the true vote tally will be for the eviction ceremony.  I'm not sure that Frank took note of the flub or not.  Then Joe blows it and thinking Shane walks into the darkened bedroom, starts telling "Shane" that Dan was chatting him up.  It turned out to be Dan that came into the room.

At eviction time, Julie tells the house mice that tonight is a double-eviction night.

But first this vote:

Dan: Frank
Danielle: Frank
Jenn: Joe
Shane: Frank

And Frank finally gets evicted from the Big Brother house... (Live Thought:  I think that Frank was the most likable character in the house.  He was totally taken out at the knees by Dan and his three alliances.   As Frank pointed out, Dan swore on a bible to Frank about their "Allegiance.")


Head of Household contest involves a quiz of sorts...  Correct answers get players a point.  Jenn took the early lead in points, but then Dan and Danielle caught up.  They continued tied up through most of the questioning.  It came down to a tie-breaker between Jenn, Dan and Danielle.

Dan won the HoH contest and he puts up Ian and Joe.  (Hey Ian, how's that pointy Dan-knife feel in your back?)  Joe was already in the seat when they were called to the room for nomination.  Dan tells Ian he hasn't been nominated yet, and he's "Gotta feel it."

But then Ian pulls one out of the hat and wins the Veto contest.  It was a huge maze navigating puzzle.  (Anyone notice the censoring bits of silence during the game?  LOL)  With Ian pulling himself off the block, Dan charges around plotting quickly.  But if no one realizes it, he shows more of his inner planning and puts up his "since day one" alliance buddy of Danielle.

Putting on his best, troubled routine, he says "Danielle, you gotta go up."  She's stunned.

The votes go


Thus, Joe ends up going home and leaving the Big Brother set.

Wow, the diary room will be awful quiet!


So do you think these set of Dan nominations might make everyone in the house wise to him, or will they stay gullible as he continues to manipulate their little hopeful mouse brains?

We'll see, but I think this season of Big Brother might be Dan's game to lose.