Big Brother Wed (9-5) So Does Frank Win Another Veto Medal?

Wednesday's Big Brother episode showed Ian saying his nominations are all strategy while we get other soundbites about being a fighter, plots to get revenge and so forth and such.  Remember, Jenn and Frank are up on the block.  (Live thought:  Can Frank pull off another PoV competition?  It would be crazy if he won again.  Unprecedented!)

Ian tells us that Joe is his second choice if anyone pulls themselves off the block.

Frank coyly questions Dan how his key came out last in the nomination round.  In his diary room moment, he admits that he does not plan on keeping his word to Frank.  And he's even trying to convince Frank to throw the PoV and "Let him play for him," thus, eliminating Frank from the fray.

Dan, Danielle, Joe in addition to Jenn, Frank and Ian.

Frank is seriously considering throwing the PoV so that Dan isn't put in his place.

Veto Competition is a quiz search with a UFO in a farm theme.  Get a question, find the answer, return to the podium with your answer.  Each round a Big Brother house guest gets eliminated.  (Live Thought:  This is more a random luck kind of contest and I don't think this will play into Frank's strength.)

Danielle was first out, followed by Ian, then Joe, Jenn and suddenly it's Dan vs. Frank.

Dan takes one last try and trying to convince Frank to throw it.  This last round was fairly dramatic or exciting... I call it crazy tense.  Dan gets back to the podium ramp first and wins the PoV.

The traitorous, never to be trusted Dan, won the day.  And that means he, Danielle and Ian get what they want, and that's Frank out the door.

Dan has "final two" deals with three different people.  In the PoV ceremony, Dan uses his power and removes Jenn from the block.  (As part of his and Ian's plan)  But Frank, is still doomed in this game of Big Brother.  I'd be totally shocked if Frank does not go home.

Thursday's Big Brother episode will be a double-eviction ep.