Sunday's (9-2) Big Brother, Ian's Science and Revenge

Is it me or does Ian not handle being called out too well.  OK, back to the present Big Brother HoH contest where our house guests are hanging on to their rope platforms.

And while the Big Brother house guests are swinging around, we get more of those inevitable B&W time burners, I mean recap.

Joe dumped off first from the contest so he gets to open the mystery box and Joe gets a punishment... and gets 24-hour Hula Hoop torment.


We then watch some dabbling in alliances with Dan & Ian, Dan & Shane and Dan and who ever.  All the while, Dan tells us that he's willing to stab who ever in the back to get what he wants.

Danielle bails at just after the 30-minute mark.  Dan at the 42-minute mark, leaving Ian and Shane to go.  Ian and Shane go for an hour, then Ian starts quoting space facts.  Then Ian and Shane made a deal and Shane lets Ian win.

Ian is now Big Brother's Head of Household.  And Frank says this means one more week of scrambling.  Dan is bailing on Frank, according to the diary room entry.

Meanwhile, Danielle is getting all a-flutter about Shane... again.  Now Ian pulls the Quack-Pack back in, with Dan all "On board" and Ian is planning to put Frank and Jenn up on the eviction blank.


Then Ian gets presented with Pandora's Box and he chooses it...  this locks him in and releases a Santa on the house guests, namely, past house guest Jesse.

Jesse hands out things and takes snacks away.  Meanwhile, Ian is opening all his sciency gifts and $1,000 in cash.  But he plans on not telling anyone about the money.  Mean whlie, Jesse IS taking all the sweets and good snacks from the guests.

Oh, the evil Santa.


The eviction nomination came down to Frank and Jenn, as suspected and predicted.  Ian had some fantastic reasoning to his nominations... nothing personal in the verbiage, though it was a motivator, as I'm sure you're all aware of.  I mean, it is Big Brother!