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Special Five-Day Primetime Line-Up Explores The Politics Of Our Time And The Issues We Face As A Nation With Films From David Letterman's Worldwide Pants And More
NASHVILLE, Tenn., October 11, 2012 – Documentary Channel (DOC) celebrates the culmination of this Presidential election year with a special five-day line-up of politically charged documentary programming.  Kicking off the marathon is "The Youngest Candidate" on Thursday, November 1 (8:00 pm ET/PT).  From director Jason Pollock and produced by David Letterman's Worldwide Pants, "The Youngest Candidate" follows four teens running for public office in America.  A coming of age story of four idealistic young adults who dare to confront corrupt political systems, "The Youngest Candidate" sheds a unique light upon politics in America and the race to get elected.
Making its US Television premiere on Friday, November 2 (8:00 pm ET/PT) is "Split: A Deeper Divide".  A riveting investigation into the partisanship paralyzing our politics, "Split: A Deeper Divide" goes beyond the bitter rancor to reveal the truth behind why our country is more polarized and our politics more gridlocked than in any other time in recent memory.  Directed by Kelly Nyks, the film provides unparalleled access to some of the most insightful and widely recognized political figures and analysts of our time.
On Saturday, November 3 (8:00 pm ET/PT) director Matthew Kohn's "Call it Democracy" makes its US Television debut.  A historical look at the electoral process in the United States, "Call it Democracy" delves into the controversial 2000 Bush vs. Gore Supreme Court ruling then goes beyond this ruling with a look into the nation's history, touching upon other close elections such as the 1960 Kennedy vs. Nixon campaign, the attempt by Segregationists Third Party Candidate George Wallace to manipulate the electoral college in 1968, and more.
Finally on Sunday, November 4 (8:00 pm ET/PT) "#ReGENERATION" explores the galvanizing forces behind the Occupy Movement and the state of social activism in our society.  Narrated by Ryan Gosling and featuring a riveting soundtrack from STS9, "#ReGENERATION" takes an uncompromising look at the challenges facing today's youth and young adults as they attempt to engage on a myriad of social and political issues.
The special Election programming culminates with a full-day marathon on Monday, November 5 with programming schedule as follows:
  • "Let Freedom Swing: Conversations on Jazz and Democracy" (10:00 am)
A rare film exploring the relationship between jazz music and democracy featuring Wynton Marsalis and Justice Sandra Day O'Connor
  • "Primary" (10:30 am)
A remarkable look into the lives of John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy as they campaigned across the Wisconsin landscape on the 35th President's storied race for the White House
  • "Split: A Deeper Divide" (12:00 pm)
  • "HouseQuake" (2:00 pm)
An in depth look at how Rahm Emanuel and the Democrats took over Congress and transformed the way campaigns in the United States are run
  • "Call it Democracy" (4:00 pm)
  •  "The Mormon Proposition" (6:00 pm)
An investigation into the Mormon Church's historic involvement in the promotion and passage of a law against gay rights
  • "Patriocracy" (8:00 pm)
A non-partisan examination of Washington dysfunction, the film drills down and illustrates the forces that drive a wedge into the middle ground of America and the solutions required to move forward
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