Don Wildman Returns for the Fourth Season of 'Mysteries at the Museum'

via press release

Museum explorer and history enthusiast Don Wildman returns as host of the fourth season of the highly-popular weekly Travel Channel series "Mysteries at the Museum."  Premiering Thursday, November 15 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT,  the 13 one-hour episodes feature Wildman as he brings these museums and their artifacts to life through their intriguing back stories.  Viewers will take a fascinating journey to the historical institutions that millions visit as part of their travel itinerary.  Every Thursday night, Wildman will provide an unprecedented peek behind the museum glass.


"Mysteries at the Museum" spans the country, exploring local archives, storefront collections and the hallowed halls of stately institutions, to uncover the objects and artifacts that reveal the nation's hidden secrets.  Wildman scours a range of museums in search of extraordinary relics at the heart of tales that shock and amaze.  From Springfield, Illinois' Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, where a rusted metal chisel was once wielded in a daring plot to steal the remains of the beloved 16th President, to the Connecticut Air and Space Museum, where a replica of a primitive plane may rewrite the history of aviation, these are a few of the sites featured in the series that celebrate America's distinguished past. 


"Museums are go-to destinations for travelers," said Andy Singer, General Manager, Travel Channel.  "This is a series that continues to get raves from our viewers.  They love the surprising twists in the way the tales are told, even for the stories they thought they knew.  Don provides a unique glimpse at these revered institutions by unraveling unknown layers of our nation's history.  It's one of the reasons the series' popularity continues to grow."


"What the public sees at any museum or archive is just the tip of the iceberg," added Wildman.  "We're investigating these incredible artifacts by telling the amazing stories most travelers have never heard.  The series has scandals, achievements and unexplained encounters – some of the most enthralling events viewers never knew even happened."


In the premiere episode, Wildman first travels to Boone, Iowa.  There, housed in a display case at the Boone County Historical Center is a seemingly ordinary metal and glass lantern.  But this beacon of light guided a brave teenager through a dark and stormy night on a dramatic life-saving mission.  Then at the Daredevil Museum in Niagara Falls, New York, Wildman examines an elaborately-constructed 12-foot barrel that was built specifically for a death-defying act of tumbling straight over the Falls!  Wildman then heads to South Carolina's Florence Museum, where Civil War regalia and crude surgical instruments are on display.  And within this collection is a gnarled piece of metal linked to a disaster that nearly wiped a town off the map!


"Mysteries at the Museum" is produced by Optomen Productions, Inc. for Travel Channel.  For Optomen, executive producers are Nicola Moody and Dominic Stobart.  Series producer is Tim McConville.  For Travel Channel, executive producer is David E. Gerber.