ABC Pulls Two Sunday Comedy Shows

For those of you who plot and plan their nights, and thought about checking out Don't Trust the B in Aprt 23 and Happy Endings on Sunday...  don't bother.  ABC pulled the shows from this experimental scheduling.  In their place will be repeats of Shark Tank.  The comedies were only on Sundays for what, two weeks?

It looks like they're going back to Tuesdays, but keep your eye on your TV schedules.

TV scheduling is tricky and sometimes a network has to take a chance to see what might or might not happen, as far as ratings go,  Sundays are a tough pitch.  The weekend is over, we're decompressing from sports and Fox's animated block and what not.  With Monday right around the corner of the clock, I'm not sure we want to laugh just before going to bed to be jolted awake Monday morning.  But seriously, that's just pure conjecture on why these two comedic platforms panned out.  OR... the demographic that loved these shows during the week just have different shows they watch Sundays.  It's like when I don't watch Person of Interest because it's not on OnDemand.