'American Idol' Season Premiere Had No Punch

American Idol, with it's much vaunted new judging panel, premiered tonight, Wed., Jan 16th, and to be honest, something big is missing.  And I can't put my finger on what's gone.  Well, besides Tyler and Lopez that is.

In seasons past, the first few episodes of American Idol's straggling singers had a fun kind of energy and humor that almost made it more interesting than the rest of the season.

But tonight's episode started out with a helter-skelter rambling of the judges bickering or being indecisive about things between them.  The first few singers they showed audition, the judges didn't seem to care about them.  They were busy snarking on themselves or on the singer.

I miss Tyler and Lopez.  They brought an energy to the show that I didn't realize was there.  At least I didn't realize it until tonight.

For me, American Idol passed the time with some form of entertainment.  Now, it's just a bunch of confusing, low-key bickering.  You know, that bickering that's been in the news over the last few months.  Well, there you have it.

I'll give it another episode or two, but right now, I think I'm done with the show.