Best Fan Made Trailers, Including A Minimalist 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Vid

A buddy of mine, author Peter Cawdron, sent me a link to a hoot of a fan-made video for the new, upcoming J.J. Abrams movie, Star Trek Into Darkness.


Now usually, when you hear the term, "fan-made," you first imagine some highly skilled technician who pulls together amazing skills to make something that parrellels or sometimes exceed what the studios put out.

There's a great live-action Thundercats video out there that's just amazing and whets the appetite for a real movie, rather than the cartoon we now have.  (No complaints about the animated series, it's just not live-action!)

Then there was the fan-made remix of different movie trailers for John Carter that totally convinced me to go see the movie.  Where as, the studio released teasers did so very little to generate enthusiasm.  It was amazing.

And one of my all time favorites, is an online peer of mine who not only introduced me to a totally cool song and music group, but has an incredible eye for editing, as he made an incredible Stargate homeage video.

But now, we have come at the fan-made trailer from a completely different angle.  My first impulse, as I told Peter, was...

"That's a hoot!  It's so, I want to say stupid, yet it's so basic and dare I say almost brilliant and bold.  Thanks for that..."

I'm refining my response to calling this a minimalist trailer, much like those posters that make their rounds on the web...  It's minimalist, yet brilliantly bold.

I'll call this

The Best Minimalist Trailer:, by DustFilmsOriginal

Star Trek Into Darkness


Here are those other videos I mentioned earlier:

Best Music/Scene Selection Editorial Skills

Stargate - Diamond Eyes, by JaapVSWDelta


Best Editorial Effects, Using Real Actors/Scenes

Thundercats Movie trailer (fan made) , by WormyT


Best Creative Use of Existing Material for a Fan Made Mashup, by JohnCaterFiles

John Carter