'Dance Mom' Fans, You Clocked In on New Year's Day

If you're a fan of that crazy, passive-aggressive pack of mothers of mini-dancers called Dance Moms, and you checked in to watch the season premiere on January 1st, then you helped set a record.

The season three premiere of the Lifetime series with Abby Lee Miller, scored 2.8 million viewers for the 90-minute premiere.

Dance Moms is a crazy "reality TV series" where a bunch of crazy women try to crank their kids through Abby Lee Miller's popular dance class, where Lifetime cameras follow her future star dancers every move.  Them, and their frustrated moms.  I find it crazy how they mothers light up to yell at each other in front of their kids, and it makes me wonder just how "real" the show is.  But that's just me.

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