'Deception' Series Premiere Didn't Seem So Bad

Last night NBC's Deception premiered and since there was nothing else on that I was going to commit to last night, I left it on the "tube" and "background watched" it.

Despite warnings of "meh," I'd say it wasn't so bad.

The series synopsis goes as follows:

"A female detective returns undercover to the wealthy family she grew up in -- as the maid's daughter to solve the murder of the notorious heiress who was once her closest friend."

The series stars Meagan Good, Tate Donovan, Katherine LaNasa, Laz Alonso, Marin Hinkle, Wes Brown, Ella Rae Peck & Victor Garber.  The show was created by Liz Heldens.  Even though Heldens isn't really a household name like Abrams and others, her resume includes prior TV series like Prime Suspect, Love Bites, Mercy, Friday Night Lights & Boston Public.

The collective of creative power seems acceptable & personally, I always enjoy Tate Donovan in most any role he gets into, so I had something to focus on.


Having the show on in the background gives me a certain impartial perspective and there were elements of the story that drew me in and other elements that just seemed trite.

But as our female detective (Good) inserts herself back into the family structure (somehow pretty easily), things seem again, like a conflicting set of balances.  Sure, she's back in the family inner-circle and then at moments, it's like, "Why?"

We have angry family members, snooty family members (and sometimes it's hard to tell the difference) and flashbacks to acquaint us with the relationship our detective (Good) had with the dead victim.  Plus she has a present-day relationship that might be threatened by past relationships she had with some folks in the family.


Deception did not suck and even had moments of interest.  So despite the "professional" review I put up earlier, you might take a gander and see for yourself if you're willing to put up with the usual mystery murder outline with new faces attached.  And so far, I didn't really see an outright mockery of ABC's Revenge.  I said outright.

It's nothing new or trend-setting, but it wasn't a painful premiere, and that's sometimes a good sign.  (In other words, they didn't try to explain every single thing in the series premiere.)