Did 'Fringe' Series Finale Fail?

More often than not, when a television series comes to a close and a series finale is delivered to the fans, I seem to catch that ratings go up and most popular TV shows go out with a bang.

Which says to me that many fans became comfortable with the series, loved it, but never tuned in until it was too late.

Thus, bay bye TV series!

When the Fringe series finale aired, I expected some good TV ratings to bid the series and the cast of character a fond farewell.

But alas, that did not happen.

Instead, rather than giving any other show a run for its money on a Friday night of all nights, TBTNs is reporting that the ratings (Live+SD(Same Day)) for the show barely broke the 3 million viewer mark, pulling in 3.2M viewers.

Which tied its fourth season finale.  To that, I say ouch!


I was a bit surprised to see that, because I was expecting the fans to all show up.  But instead, I'm almost thinking the message sent was that this jump into the future to deal with the Observers lost even more people than the usual erosion of time on TV ratings.

Fans never saw this coming, and when they were presented with it, maybe they lost their resolution to stay devoted to the series.  Or maybe being on the top-10 most pirated TV shows (TBTN's link) didn't help either!

I did.  I stuck it out.  But I did not really enjoy or embrace the story line.  In fact, it almost had the same impact on me that Ronald Moore's Battlestar Galactica series finale did.

With Fringe, in season 4 they gave us a preview of the 5th season, with an episode taking place in the future.  I hated it.

With BSG's finale, they pulled the rug out from under the fans, pulled some fancy angel angle out of the air, and fed to fans.  That upset people to no end.  That kind of ending almost ruined the entire series for me.  In fact, that ending dissuaded me from buying the series on DVD/Blu-ray.  It was that disappointing for me.


We'll give it some time and see if the 7-day DVR numbers crank up this sad Friday night telecast performance!


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  1. I got really into this season, although it was a slow burn for the first 4 or 5 episodes -- I thought it turned out great, was very bold, and boy... I cried during the finale! I'll really miss Fringe.


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