Hawaii Five-0 Getting Favorite Navy Seal Character Back

Word on the street is that Terry O'Quinn is returning to the hills of Hawaii in Hawaii Five-0, after his short-lived stint over on 666 Park Avenue. (That show never grabbed me after the opening scene where the guy disappeared through a small hole in a door.  Yes, way back in the premiere episode.)

O'Quinn will be reprising his role of retired SEAL Joe White, and as it's being reported, Steve McGarret (Alex O'Loughlin) may have many questions for Joe, considering it was Joe who knew that Shelbourne was Steve's mother.

Is it me, or does Steve's mother bug you?  There's something that just never set right with me about her.  She seems flippant.  I think she's still going to prove to be some form of pesky trouble!

But hey, the good news is that O'Quinn is returning!  Cool!