I'd Rather Watch 'Dance Moms' Than 'American Idol'

Normally, American Idol is at best, a great distraction from things.  It has had its moments and the judge banter of old was pretty entertaining.  But the season premiere of American Idol with their three new judges is off.

The judge banter seems too bitter between the women, and the guy in the middle is a victim.  And they never let us get to know them first.  It just started off with them going at it.  And from early press exposure, we know that the ladies were already going at it.  At least that seemed to be the "spin" about the judging panel.

The other victims, the singers, the ones that are the entertainment part with their failed auditions seemed different too.  These weren't the same funny feeling failures of past seasons.

The show still did well in the ratings and it dominated its nights, but the numbers were down 19% from last year.  And last year was down 17% from the year before that.  This year was the second lowest rated premiere for the show.

So it still has what most viewers want, but it's fading and mixing up the judges or not paying what other judges what they wanted didn't do Fox any good.

But still, it's the ratings dominate show of its night, so it's not a total failure.

Oh, and as far as Dance Moms goes, the way those adults yell and fight while amongst the kids, if that's not 100% staged, they ought to be called on the carpet for emotional child abuse!  Dang!

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