'Iron Man 3' Cameos & Spoiler Toys... Or Are They?

Iron Man 3 Movie News

There's a lot of hoopla and speculation going on about cameos in the upcoming Iron Man 3 movie.  Plus other script/story details that might be getting out of the bag because of some new toys coming out.

But are all these hints really hints, or is the web, as it is sometimes seen doing, just getting out of hand?

If these are anywhere near close to right, then these be MOVIE SPOILERS about to commence.  If not, then never mind.  But we won't know until Iron Man 3 hits theaters on May 3rd, 2013.

Proceed at your own risk dear reader!


Avengers Cameos in Iron Man 3
It seems that the latest speculations are coming from a 5-part interview with Robert Downey Jr. from EW..  Mind you, we have only seen two parts of this interview so far.

In the bit, there's chatter about if we'll be seeing The Avengers or not in the movie.  Downey says " - everywhere you look now in every Marvel movie there are opportunities where certain new pals of his could be useful. So they're in the atmosphere, so to speak, but I wouldn't expect to see them on the ground in this one."

And suddenly there's a stipulation that we might see fly-by's or something like that.  And all kinds of conjecture.  But if you've seen the first movie trailer, there's suggestions at events from The Avengers there...

When I first saw this quote, I thought the reference "on the ground" just meant "in the movie" or the ground of the project takes place in.  A reference, a cutesy reference, at best.

It's like when Joss Whedon gets coy about things and starts dropping mis-directs in his statements.  ...  Or does he?   (See?)  [EW]


Guardians in IM3?

Then on Latino Review there's talk of a toy that's come out that marketed under the Iron Man 3 title, that's called the "Deep Space Suit."  And further conjecture is saying that "inside sources" (that can't keep their mouths shut) indicate that Stark, in his space suit, will be making contact with the Guardians of the Galaxy.  Possibly in an end-credit scene.

And we're also seeing that Iron Man is guesting in the Guardians of the Galaxy comic issue, which is helping the rumor news along.

So there's the conjectures as we're seeing them today.

Now whether the toy is a herald of information or not remains to be seen.  How many times have you seen "fantasy" mode toys for franchises?

When Iron Man 2 toys came out, Shellhead had flame throwers, motorcycles and what not.  None of which were in any movie.  This could be one of those.  (Coy statement: Or not.)

And some folks question how it is that toy manufacturers keep "spoiling" movies with early product announcements or releases related to movies.

I call it marketing

These early announcements look like perfect marketing that creates soundbites that websites report on.  (Hmm...  Wait... That means I'm...  Never mind!) 

If for one moment, you can imagine a multi-billion dollar franchise owner is going to allow the rights to a character be given to a toy company without specific restrictions, like say, no publicity before 'x' date, well, you're probably right.  But that 'x' date could be a few months before the movie premieres in movie theaters.

Then again, last year there were toys out that had people hopping through hoops trying to figure out who the aliens were in The Avengers.  But it was marketing, and it was fun.  Conjecture games are always fun.


That's all I got for ya at the moment on Iron Man 3 movie news.  Later gang!