'Iron Man 3' Super Bowl Teaser Promo Art...

Iron Man 3 Super Bowl promo tease photo

Ah, as we all know, there will be some Iron Man 3 action during the Super Bowl with 2 teaser clips.  Supposedly new clips.  On the humorous side, EW was showing a preview clip of the preview clip of the teaser coming out on Sunday.  New images or image angles, but it looked pretty close to the same stuff, different angles that we've seen before.

The above image is the latest promo art for Iron Man 3, coming to theaters on May 3rd, 2013.  But I'm not worried.  Really, I'm not.

if you remember the first movie trailer, Tony (Robert Downey Jr.) is waking up in the snowy field in his trashed suit of armor... and I'm guessing the above movie poster is just him, before the landing.

So I'm not too worried at all.  (I think)

Besides, this time around, he has to catch himself.  There's no Hulk to keep him from going splat!

Here's the teaser for the Super Bowl teaser...


Here's the first Iron Man 3 movie trailer: