Manti Te’o To Be Interviewed on 'Katie'

So When's the Katie Couric interview of Manti Te'o?

On the heels of the Lance Armstrong score by Oprah, Katie Couric has landed another high profile sporting interview with college football player Manti Te'o.  This will be first on-camera interview, where he (and his parents) speak out on this confusing issue.

In case you had not heard, there was some noise about Manti Te'o having a girlfried that had died, but that story turned out to be a hoax, across many layers.  Further complications to the issue was the confusion as to whether Manti Te'o was implicated in this hoax or not.

I can't imagine that being in the fast lane for a potential Heisman Trophy, that a player would actually jeopardize his potential future career.  But then again, I sometimes fall back on the "they're athletes" perspective, and leave it at that.

Katie Couric will be interviewing Manti Te'o on Katie, this Thursday, January 24th.  (check your local listings/ or for the time.).