NCIS: Los Angeles Looking To Spin-Off

Is it crazy, but the spin-off from NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles is looking to make it's own spin-off.  Oh, wait!  Even NCIS was a spin-off, from JAG.

In this new series that CBS is looking at, it will follow a mobile unit of NCIS agents who will be living and working together as they go from one crime scene to another around the country.

The characters will be introduced later on in the NCIS: LA season.


CBS has a good show and they're looking to expand on it.  And this version of NCIS sounds like a Naval version of Criminal Minds.  If done right, it should do well.

NCIS rocks the TV ratings constantly while NCIS: LA is a solid performer also.

I look for great (potential) things from this new show.

[source: deadline]