News Bits: 'The Taste,' Oprah, 'Apt 23,' and NBC's 'Revolution'

The Taste has a two-hour premiere tonight...  and I'm thinking Dance Moms might be better served cold!  The Taste, ABC's answer to The Voice, I presume, because the word "the" is awesome in front of any title name, will have Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson, Ludo Lefebvre and Brian Malarkey as taste judges.  And they'll taste test without seeing the cooks!!!  It better be a good show... or this name will stick with them for quite a while, because it just doesn't seem right!


In case you're wondering, Oprah scored big in the ratings game, with her interview of that ex-biking guy pulling in 4.2 million viewers.  This is an overnight number.   DVR numbers or numbers where folks were watching on Viewer-enhancing medications will be factored in later.


In case you had not heard the news, ABC is dumping the comedy series, Apt. 23.  There's still eight episodes left to air.

Technically, they say, they haven't cancelled it. They're just not going to show it any more. 


If it does come back, it might be a summer series, like everything else that swings small TV rating numbers compared to the winter big hits.


Inside TV is reporting that NBC is starting to crank up animated webisodes of Revolution.

Wow!!!  They figured out how to fix "her" acting!!!  Awesome!

The animated eps have started up already and there will be 6 of them.

The ep... webisodes will be based on letters written by Sgt. Joseph Wheatly (Reed Diamond), the character who led Miles (Billy Burke) into those air-tight subway tunnels.  (Collapsed tunnels, air tight? Ug.)

And on Feb 25th, the first half of the season will be going online on the NBC's site.