'Revolution' Season Order Cut By 2 Episodes

Nothing says confidence in a show, or a bad sign, when a network cuts your original order of episodes down during the mid-season break.  Such is the case for NBC's Revolution.

During a media get-together, NBC announced they were cutting back on the series return by referring to its return as "the last 10 episodes."  It wasn't a definitive announcement that eps were cut, but the reference says it all.


This will make the first season of Revolution a 20-episode season which is still a healthy run for the premiere season of the series, and to be honest, I suspect it will be renewed.

And here's hoping that the series female lead went out and took some serious continuing education classes to help her mellow out her whiny mode.

The show doesn't suck...  far from it, but she's distracting at best.

[source: TV By The Numbers]