'Star Wars Episode VII' Has A Director in J.J. Abrams, And...

WOW, the ramifications of that headline are mind boggling!  J.J. Abrams has been tapped by Disney to direct the next Star Wars movie coming out, Star Wars: Episode VII.

This is huge news from TheWrap, via Think McFly, Think.

J.J. Abrams has been snagging the huge franchise jobs left and right like Mission Impossible & Star Trek.  He's brought us huge movies of his own like Super 8 and Cloverfield (producer).

And now he's going to be controlling the destiny of the future of the Star Wars franchise.  Well, at least for this next movie. (We don't want to get ahead of ourselves.)

He'll be directing off a script by Michael Arndt, whose past credits include Little Miss Sunshine, Toy Story 3, Brave, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire & Oblivion.

My head spins.  Between the two of these guys, Abrams and Arndt, I can't imagine this project going awry.  In fact, I can feel the anticipation for the next Star Wars movie building throughout the movie-sphere!

Star Wars: Episode 7 is due out in theaters sometime in 2015.


Now of that other piece of my title...  and what I mean by "And..."

J.J. Abrams trademark practice has been to stick Slusho somewhere in most of his work, especially TV.  But it got notoriety when he brought it to light in Cloverfield, we've seen in in Super 8, it got injected in the bar scene in Star Trek.  So I now wonder if he'll manage to have Disney allow him to stick it in a quick glimpse scene in the next Star Wars movie?

I hope so!  That would put the drink on the map in a galaxy, far, far away!