'Star Wars' Has The World's Imagination, From VW TV Ads to Flash Mobs!

'Star Wars' Flash Mobs and TV ads

Star Wars has been in our culture from the day it first premiered in the movie theater. It captured our imagination and it only got bigger with each sequel.  Luke, (spoilers:::) his father, his sister and god know what other family members were floating around out there.

For years Star Wars fans and enthusiasts have supported the franchise with a heart-felt belief in it.  Then the prequels came along.  Some liked them, some no so much.  Me, I wasn't going to bite a gift-horse in the ass and accepted this is what we got.

But now, I think I've seen it all.  Below I'm including a fascinating range of videos.  Just two of them, but they're both cool.

One is the cute Super Bowl Mini Darth Vader Ad... Mini Vader keeps trying his hand at using the famous power called 'The Force,' but to no avail.  Or was it?

The other one is a very cool Star Wars flash mob video that just gives me the chills, because it was so subtle and so cool, all at once.  It starts out with just two men, and then there's folks in a balcony.  And as it continues, the band grows as they come out of the woodwork to stun the crowd there.  Just awesome!


VW Darth Vader:


Star Wars Flash Mob: