'The Hunger Games Catching Fire' Set Captured on Google Maps!

Word on the street is that the set for the newest Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire, has been discovered on Google Maps.  With Cornucopia and all.

In this second chapter of the three book, four (?*) movie Hunger Games franchise, contestants are forced into a new arena that takes place around a lake.

And the pic below, seems to reflect that very location.

I'd rather not say much more about the next film, just in case you have not read the books, but it sucks (for the characters) in what takes place, and they're forced into new and difficult situations, both physical and politically.

To see this on the map for yourself, just go to Google and put in "clayton county, the beach park" and you'll be able to check it out.  The street view angle doesn't provide much, and besides, the satellite and street view images are not coordinated in a timely fashion.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire comes out in theaters in November.

?*:  I'd ask how the heck one gets four movies out of three books, but then again, when Peter Jackson figured out how the bloody h*! to squeeze three hours out of a single Hobbit book, well, I stopped pondering!