'The Walking Dead' Hires It's Second Show Boss

The Walking Dead promo art

If you've been following the new, you know that AMC's The Walking Dead lost its second showrunner, Glen Mazzara.  It took them awhile, but they finally found a new guy to run the show.

His name is Scott Gimple.  He was the supervising producer, who is now finalizing up details to become the executive producer.

What's interesting is that first Frank Darabont was given the boot, and per Deadline, Mazzara was removed via pressure from Robert Kirkman, the originator of the comic book that spawned the series.

Gimple's resume includes being with The Walking Dead since the inception of the 2nd season, the TV series Life, FlashForward and Chase.  He also penned the screenplay for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

I wonder how long this guy will last?

The show returns on February 10th.

source: deadline.