What Did Lance Armstrong Tell Oprah?

In the first of a two-part interview with Oprah Winfrey, Lance Armstrong surprised me with actual facts about his mis-guided pursuit of winning the Tour de France.

I don't want to dwell too much on the issue, but in a nutshell, Armstrong admitted to taking a cocktail of EPO, blood transfusions using his own boosted blood, and testosterone, as he battled to win his seven bike victories.

He knows it's too late for most people to hear what he was saying.

He claims he didn't dope up during his return to the racing league in '09 and '10.

He feels his comeback attempt helped his present day demise.

He never fessed up in the past because he was caught up in the deal of it and that it was pervasive throughout the biking community.

He apologized for being a bully to his detractors through those years.


This guy has destroyed the validity of the Tour de France for me.  He's hinted at the entire industry is doping.  But then again, he's lied to everyone over the years.  So is that true?  If it is, shame on all of them.  If not, well, shame on him.  Again.

Hey, atonement is good for everyone, right?  But will the public forget in a short year or two?  People do tend to forget and forgive.  If he's trying to actually get in the good graces of the public, he has a very long road in front of him.  For me, that road has a huge dead end sign.  But I'm one of those "elephant memory" kind of guys.




  1. I think he'll end up in prison doing time for fraud... I can't see how he can live this down, but, hey, OJ got away with murder...


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