"X Factor" Exodus, News/Rumors Say Spears Is Exiting

In a piece from Inside TV, they're reporting that Britney Spears is now leaving the hit reality TV series, X Factor.

On one side of the rumor news is that she was not going to be asked back.  On the other side of the news, it's being said that Spears wants to focus on her music.

Last year the TV ratings had dropped and it seems the creative minds behind the show were looking to revamp the judging lineup.

We'll see how this "news" pans out over the next few days or weeks.


As for me, I tried the show a few times, but it lacked any kind of umph for me.  I could not put my finger on it, but it seemed dull or contrived or something.  On the other hand, it was great to see Britney Spears back in the spotlight of being a judge and not for any other ill-begotten reason.  Ya gotta give her that for her comeback.

source Inside TV