Zack Snyder Says He's Developing A 'Star Wars' Movie

Word on the street is that the man behind 300, Watchmen, Sucker Punch and the upcoming Man of Steel movie, Zack Snyder, is looking to develop a new Star Wars movie, in the light of what he calls the 1954 movie, Seven Samurai, but this time, it's going to be seven Jedi.

But this is not one of the planned Star Wars trilogy movies that was previously announced when Disney bought out LucasFilm, but rather, a stand-alone story, on the outside, looking in.

And as noted, it's untitled but set within the time frame of taking place after Episode VI events.

If all goes according to plan, production for this stand-alone Star Wars movie will start up after production for Star Wars: Episode VII kicks it in gear.


And suddenly, after having barely anything to chew on from the franchise, Disney is going to pour out a glut of new films.

And yet, I'm not too worried about this future look into the SW franchise.  If they do it right, it will just add to the supply of goodies we already have for this classic movie franchise.

And Snyder, with his hit or miss track record, will probably hit it off just right.

[source: vulture]