This Week's TV News, Do No Harm, Being Human, and Survivor

The premiere of Do No Harm set some dismal records...  as the worst premiere in television history.  And as usual, 2nd episodes of new TV shows historically have even fewer viewers.  And apparently so did Do No Harm, and thus, not wishing to harm their viewers NBC canceled the series.

It's a shame too, because ensuing dialog between split personalities can be pretty entertaining.  But I guess the premise of someone having a good and dark side, in this fashion, didn't appeal to folks.

To be honest, if the character was a good guy for 12 hours of the day, and sort of evil for the other 12, I was personally wondering when he'd sleep.

But that's just my quirky approach to things.  I seriously don't think we'll even see... wait... NBC owns Syfy...  hmm, if they have so many episodes already in the can, maybe they could air what they have left over on Syfy.  Could it hurt Syfy?  Maybe. (It should be a midnight airing, if they dare go this idea/route!)


TV Guide reported that BBC Three has canceled their version of Being Human, with the series coming to a close at the end of this, their fifth season.

I'm a bit baffled, but the byte about the show being canceled is that BBC Three is "committed to breaking new shows and new talent" into the world.  But Being Human became so popular, that they achieved this status/goal in a rather hearty fashion, and hence, must make room for more new talent.

But knowing the show is coming to a close, show creator Toby Whithouse can pen a proper ending.

That's always good.  (Anyone remember when NBC's Vegas was canceled and they cut the show right in the middle of a solid cliffhanger?)


Can you believe that the February 13th premiere of Survivor (Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites) will be its 26th "edition" of the reality TV series?

Wow, so they've found 26 different locales to toss their wayward contestants into to starve and torment with games and challenges.

Well, this time around, for what I presume might be a warning bell in the background, TV Media Insights is reporting that CBS is cutting the season premiere of Survivor down from the originally programmed 2-hours to a mere 90 minutes and filling the other 30 minutes with a repeat of The Big Bang Theory.

Wait? What?

To me, this seems like something that might be worth worrying about if you're a Survivor fan.  If a show is doing well enough, no network tampers with it.  But when something looks afoul in the ratings, tampering begins.

And to make way for a repeat of a different, and as popular series, could be a signal flare.

So enjoy...  just in case.  It's been a great run for the show, if this is indeed, a warning sign.