TV News Bites: 'Girls,' J.J. Abrams New Shows, 'Spartacus' Ratings and Spin-Off?


Spartacus Season Three, Slow Start
It looks like the TV ratings for Spartacus War of the Damned (season 3) started out to a mere 930,000 viewers on Friday night and finally hit 2.5 million viewers by the end of the premiere weekend.  STARZ calls it solid and says that's within the realm of cable subsribers.

What's curious is that despite the numbers, STARZ might still be looking carefully at the numbers because they're considering a spin-off on the Julius Caesar character, played by Todd Lasance.

And with those sparky character traits that Caesar was exhibiting in the latest episode, it could be a fun series, if STARZ follows up on it.


J.J. Abrams Two New TV Shows?

EW is reporting that Fox Network is picking up a J.J. Abrams sci-fi series centered around robot police officers.

It's a story about human cops that are partnered up with robot cops.

He also sold another series titled Believe.  It's about a girl with a gift who develops a relationship with a man sprung from prison.  He's responsible to protect her from evil forces hunting for her.

My god, Abrams is a busy guy!!!  Then again, I'm guessing any network will be more willing than ever before to be able air a show by the guy behind both Star Trek and Star Wars!


You guys know HBO renewed Girls for a third season, right?