TV News Bites: 'South Park,' 'The Americans,' 'Do No Harm'


Do No Harm Harms the Ratings

Do No Harm, the show that I thought has an interesting premise, has set a record with its series premiere... 

Apparently Do No Harm has become the lowest rated in-season scripted drama to ever premiere in TV history.  Dang, now that's a benchmark no one ever wants to set, and yet, now NBC owns that new low mark.

This record was amongst the four basic networks.


How I Met Your Mother...

Is getting one finale season, its ninth.  So next season will be the final season and they get a chance to wrap up the series properly.


The Americans Strong Premiere

Even though I missed the premiere of The Americans, and have to wait for FX's 7-day delay embargo of Comcast's 'On Demand,' apparently enough folks tuned in to the show.

4.7 million tuned into the premiere and the encore episodes (that I missed too).  The first ep pulled in 3.2 million folks, and FX is pleased as punch about that.


Uh ho for South Park!

EW is reporting that South Park is getting its seasons reduced to 10 episodes.  This is down from 14 per season.

show creators said that they picked 10 because it sounded like a good number.  Typical of those crazy guys.

Actually the showrunners are scaling back to keep the content fresh rather than trying to fulfill episode count orders.  That, I can respect.