TV News for John Corbett, George R.R. Martin!

Here's a few pieces of news for fans of John Corbett and George R. R. Martin...


First up is that TV Guide is reporting John Corbett has landed the lead role in the spin-off coming out of NCIS: LA.  And you can catch the episode that will showcase the new show, titled "Red."

His character's name will be Roy Quaid and is a former NCIS agent who is now an analyst.


I just caught over on io9 that HBO has hired George R. R. Martin for a 2-year contract which has a multi-purpose end to it.  First, to continue in his stint as co-producer for their Game of Thrones series, and secondly, they like him so much, that they're hiring him to let him develop some new shows for the pay network.

Sounds good to be George, that's for sure.  This sounds much like the creative deal that Marvel wrangled Joss Whedon into for overseeing all of the Marvel movies.  Cool!